Software Developer

Rob Role Responsibilities

Development responsibilities may include:

Develop applications based on an internally defined architecture and software development best practices

Maintain source code, source documentation, and version control

Code and debug internally developed applications

Develop plug-in modules to third party software

Follow and enhance Agile development methodology and processes

Working directly with developers and product managers to conceptualize, build, test and realize products

Gather requirements around functionality and translate those requirements into elegant technical solutions

Create compelling user interfaces and experiences

Optimize performance

Support responsibilities may include:

Collaborate with vendors to integrate third party software into a corporate computing environment

Install, configure, and deploy software which may include:

Configure shared services (web, database, license, etc)

Coordinate testing and troubleshooting with domain experts

Develop scripts to deliver applications

General support responsibilities include:

Reviews with application and user support contacts to update application documentation

Collaborate within a global IT organization to resolve issues

Coordinate and communicate with team members throughout the software development and support cycles

Ensure change management procedures are followed

Assess and mitigate application security exposures

Expected Level of Proficiency Intermediate / Advanced

Tipo de trabajo: Part-time

Ciudad: Curitiba-PR

País: Brasil