SAP Basis Consultant


Job Role Summary

The GBAS Build team is responsible to implement and upgrade the Basis Components according to the GBAS E&D practices and guidelines. A correct hand-over to the run-team is part of the activities.

Job Role Responsibilities

•Upgrade of Basis components

oProvides focused technical recommendations on hot packs, kernel upgrades, other fixes.

oBy default, all Basis Components must be upgraded yearly. These upgrades are often challenging on technical implications and organization.

oFollow the guidelines of the GBAS BPL (Basis Project Lead) for project execution.

•Process improvement

oProposal and implementation of new processes that improve quality and quantity of the deliverables. This can include the writing and support of scripts to help the implementation and the support of Basis components.

oTroubleshooting of existing processes.

•Participation in global implementation process, these are configuration changes that need to be executed on a wide range of platforms. E.g.

oChanges in security settings

oNew security requirements

oVendor triggered changes

oNew guidelines from GBAS E&D

oCopy-backs i.e. activities to refresh the test data in an acceptance/test environment with production data.

Expected Level of Proficiency

•Has demonstrated the desire and ability to expand technical knowledge/depth

•Team player

•Is able to turn inconveniences (geographically distributed team) into benefits (work hand-over between time zones)

•Quick learner, methodic and conscience of his role in the organization.

•Strong communication skills, fluent in English writing and able to actively participate in English spoken technical conversations

•Knowledge of Windows and/or UNIX operating system on servers up to an administrative level

•Good understanding of DB2 and/or Oracle database technology. Practical experience as DBA is appreciated.

Tipo de trabajo: Contrato

Ciudad: Curitiba-PR

País: Brasil